Business Game Designer Masterclass ©

You want to make your own business games? You want to acquire this competence yourself? As an organisation, you want to acquire this competence in-house? That is possible!  
In our three-day programme 'Business Game Designer Masterclass', we will give you the basic principles and tools to work on business games and gamification yourself.
After day 3 you will not only go home as a brand new business game designer and with a stronger CV, but you will also bring the prototype of your first business game with you. 
This unique and innovative competence and your first business game will immediately provide you and/or your organization with great added value. Learning, motivating and changing becomes more fun, efficient and effective! 
This programme focuses on trainers, L&D managers, training designers, managers, project and change managers who want to use business learning games and gamification in their training, teams and (change) projects. 
At the end of this training each participant receives the Way2Play business game designer card deck© and each participant gets access to the Way2play trainer and designer community.

Learning objectives

  1. Knowledge of and insight into the essentials of Inperson game based learning;
  2. The added value of Game Based Learning can be placed within the Learning & Development / business strategy; 
  3. Insight into the pedagogical and structural structure of a business game; Knowing and being able to apply the Way2Play business game design process©;
  4. Being able to make the right choice of game elements and game dynamics within a business game;
  5. Developing your own business game (from concept to practice)


Day 1

Through our introductory game we first get to know each other and then play treasure island together. A learning game in which you discover the essentials of game based learning.   
A first game is then developed in small teams using the Way2play business game design process© and the Way2Play business game designer card deck©. 

Day 2

Each participant gets to work on the business game he/she wants to make.  Feedback, points for improvement, test set-ups, etc. are all part of the day.   

At the end of the day the participants take home more than a blueprint of the business game.  This is also the homework, i.e. further developing the game so that it can be played for the first time on day 3.


Day 3

Playtime! The end result of all efforts is presented and played.  The facilitator and the other participants give one last feedback and points for improvement. The games become even more robust. The award for the most promising game is granted and celebrated. 
After evaluation, the participants receive their certificate and are allowed to call themselves Way To Play business game designers.


3 days

Target group

Trainers, L&D managers, business managers, project managers, ...

Number of participants

Maximum 8 persons


Sportscenter Bergenmeers 1st floor
Koedreef 1
9070 Destelbergen


1.850,00 euro pp.


All material is in English.
Facilitation in NL and/or EN and/or FR depends on the composition of the group.


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