Certified Business Game Facilitatorxx

In two days’ time, we will get your trainers to the point where they are able to facilitate business games themselves, as well as acquiring the option to use Way To Play games independently in your organisation.


Day 1

During the first day, the participants will be playfully (obviously!) introduced to the ‘essentials’ of game-based learning. After that, we will share a joint experience of what a business game actually is and the effect it has on its participants! How? Simply by playing a game of choice together. After all, you learn best by experiencing it first-hand.

At the end of that very same day, you will get your assignment for the second day. On the second day, you will facilitate a game yourself. You will receive everything you need to prepare for that.

Day 2

On the second day, it is time to put things into practice. You will facilitate a business game from A to Z. After that, you will receive feedback from your colleagues and trainer about your approach. After evaluation, you will receive your certificate and become a Way2Play Business Game Facilitator.  



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Certified Game Facilitator van Way2Play