Want to implement our business games yourself? It is possible! 

Are you planning to focus on gamification of learning with your company or organisation? Then you undoubtedly want your own employees to be able to implement and organise the games themselves.  

That's why at Way2Play we also provide a course according to the "train the trainer principle". We teach the people in your company how to work with our games themselves.  

In two days time we will prepare your trainers to facilitate business games themselves and they will acquire the opportunity to use ALL of Way2Play's games in their own organisation. 


Certified Business Learning Game Facilitator

Day 1

During the first day, the facilitators to be will first be introduced in a playful way (how could it be otherwise?) to the 'essentials' of game based learning. After that we will experience together what a business game is and what the effect is on participants! How? Simply by playing a game of your choice together. After all, the best way to learn is to experience it for yourself.

At the end of the first day you will receive your assignment for the second day. After all, then you will facilitate a game yourself. You get everything you need to prepare for this. 

Output day 1:
  • What is game based learning?
  • What is a business leaning game?
  • What is the effect of learning games on the participants?
  • We play a game of your choice together.

Day 2

On the second day it's time for practice. You will facilitate a business game from start to finish. You will then receive feedback from your colleagues and the trainer about your approach. After evaluation you will receive your certificate and become a Way2Play Business Game Facilitator.  

Output day 2

  • Facilitate your own learning game / business game with a test group.
  • Feedback on your business game from colleagues and trainer.
  • Discover the Way2Play Trainer Portal.
  • Evaluation and certificate.



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