Do you want to create learning games yourself? That is possible! In our 2-day programme for ‘TTT certified game designers’, your people will receive the basic principles and tools from us to get started on their own business games. This programme focuses on internal trainers, designers and managers who want to use business games in their teams.


Day 1

During day 1, the participants will start exploring the essentials of game-based learning while playing. Next, we will use charts and a “business game canvas” for a more in-depth look into the methodologies for creating a game. Moreover, we will work out the contours of our very own, homemade game.

Finally, the participants will get an assignment to flesh out their game at home into an ‘MVP’ (minimum viable product).

Day 2

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Day 2 represents actual practice. Each participant must play their game with the other participants, receiving feedback and areas for improvement afterwards. This will lead to new homework. The participants will start applying the necessary improvements and continue developing their own business game into the final version.

Day 3

Day 3 is the grand finale. The final result is presented and played. After evaluation, the participants will receive their certificate and have earned the right to call themselves Way To Play business game designers.    


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