Following business games are excellent as Customer Service game

Customer Drive

Customer Drive

Are you and/or your organisation sometimes occupied with these questions:

  • What motivates customers?
  • What do they consider important?
  • What works well and what does not?

Then this is the business game for you!

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Fire A-Way

Fire A-Way

How to conduct difficult conversations in a customer friendly way?

  • How to deal with emotions expressed?
  • How to do "No Selling" in a customer centric approach?

Fire A-Way is strongly focussed in improving a persons skill set when it comes to dealing with customers . . . in a customer friendly way!

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Customer Service Cup

The Customer Service Cup

The Customer Service Cup is not a friendly, low-key board game. On the contrary! No, it is a hyper-dynamic, challenging game setting that will submerge you in the world of customer orientation for a period of 90 to 120 minutes.

Teams are allocated, captains are chosen, strategy is determined, roles are assigned. The material invites you to start working full speed ahead. 

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Kleur Je Klant

Colour your client

Colour your client is a game which provides insights into your communication style, your strengths and your pitfalls. The information you will acquire from this game will allow you to use your strong points even better and more consciously for your customers, team and organisation

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Klant Erger Je Niet

Tactic Travel

Tactic Travel is a training in customer-oriented entrepreneurship in the form of a business game. The training is uniquely suited to have employees (and managers) experience the importance of customer orientation and customer satisfaction and use those insights to take action in your organisation. In this game simulation, the aim is to meet customer needs as well as achieving company objectives.

Important principles such as customer satisfaction, customer value, customer loyalty, customer retention and creating customer ambassadors are the central theme throughout the game.

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Sales Cup

The Sales Cup

4 tables, 4 teams. Scoreboard on the wall and the medals are ready to be presented. Are you ready for the kick-off of the Sales Cup? The principle is simple; a basic sales training ‘dressed up’ as a game.

The Sales Cup is not a friendly, low-key board game, but a hyper-dynamic game setting. Teams will be allocated, captains will be chosen, strategy will be determined, roles will be assigned. The material invites you to start working full speed ahead.

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