Chip Factory

Chip Factory is an interactive workshop in the form of a game.

This business game is designed to provide participants with insight into how they as supervisors affect the satisfaction of their employees, as well as the impact of their operational results. "Hard on targets, soft on people" is the central theme of this game.

The game takes place in the fictitious setting of Chip Factory: a company which produces poker chips and sells them to the casino industry. The production forecasts are ambitious, but the board also prioritises on employee satisfaction. The team leaders should make their production targets, but also lead their team in such a way that their employees are satisfied. Please note! Not everything will be a smooth ride, because each day comes with its own set of new challenges.

This is a sample of what you can expect:

Providing corrective feedback, no selling, giving compliments, delegating, communicating a difficult message, planned coaching interviews,... This is just a selection of situations that supervisors will have to deal with on a daily basis.

After this game, you will have a toolkit with which you can start building from day 1 on boosting team satisfaction and achieving a high-performing team goes the extra mile for you!

Learning objectives of Chip Factory

  • How do I communicate with my employees in such a way that the team objectives are achieved, as well as making and keeping the employees satisfied and motivated?
  • How do I give corrective feedback?
  • How do I conduct a coaching interview with tangible results?
  • How do I communicate a difficult message?
  • How do I delegate an assignment?
  • How do I translate a difficult company decision to the employees?
  • How well do I know my employees? And how do I use this knowledge to approach them in a personalised way?
  • How do I deal with an employee who gives criticism?

Applications of Chip Factory

This game is suitable for every organisation, profit or non-profit, which has the drive to support their supervisors in order to optimise employee satisfaction and improve business results.

Possible applications include::

  • Kick-off for a change process.
  • Part of a training session or training course.
  • As a team-building event with a message at an off-site location or company day


starts from 1/2 day

Target group

High potentials, supervisors and managers in a supervisory position

Number of participants

6 - 8 people

Available languages

NL / FR / EN
(other languages available upon request)