Customer Drive

Experience through Customer Drive what customers consider important in a customer service environment in a playful and personal manner. In this business game, the participants are submerged into a new environment, ensuring they let go of old patterns and that each participant will start on equal footing. This training is eminently suitable for customer service, contact centres and counter staff.


In a challenging setting, the participants will learn important lessons about discovering customer needs and meeting customer preferences in a playful manner. Subjects such as proper handling of questions and complaints will also be covered.

Are you and/or your organisation sometimes occupied with these questions:

  • What motivates customers?
  • What do they consider important?
  • What works well and what does not?

Then this is the business game for you!

Learning objectives of Customer Drive

  1. Practising all customer contact skills, on the phone as well as face to face.
  2. Taking a thorough inventory of all the customer’s needs and preferences:  respond to the question behind the question.
  3. Listening intently and giving the customer the feeling that they are heard: train your empathic capacity.
  4. Learning how to say no in a customer-oriented way when you do not have a solution for the customer.
  5. Thinking from the customer’s perspective and anticipating their needs and preferences: learn how to act proactively.
  6. Taking responsibility and solving customer questions as quickly as possible, also known as first call resolution.
  7. Focusing on the customer: ensuring that the customer is satisfied and providing extra service if needed.

Applications of Customer Drive

Would you like to highlight customer orientation playfully? Then this training session is exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are from a corporation, government or non-profit organisation, whether you are staffing the front desk or working in a customer contact centre:

This serious game will provide an extraordinary experience. Precisely because Customer Drive is fun and dynamic, it is especially educational and effective. Game-based learning is perfect to learn a lot in short time.

This customer service game is also suitable to play with large groups.

Requirements? A suitable room and a (minimum) of three hours are the only things necessary. We take care of the rest.


3-8 hours

Target group

Anyone who is in direct contact with customers, both on the phone and face to face.

Number of participants

5 to 13 people


NL / FR / EN
(other languages available upon request)



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