Fire A-Way 

You work at FIRE A-Way, a company selling fire protection equipment. Whether you work in the call center or in a local store, whether you are installing equipment or conducting on-site maintenance, your main focus is on your customers (individuals or companies).
Due to a recent strike and technical problems you are behind on deliveries, products are no longer available and the wrong products have been delivered to customers.
In short, customers are not happy, they start firing away complaints.
As part of this fun and challenging business game you will be asked to dive deeply into your complaint handling and communication skills. Your goal is to keep your clients on board and even make them happier than before by handling their complaints in a super-professional and customer-friendly way.
Will you succeed or will you lose business?  


Learning objectives of Fire A-Way

  1. Awareness and understanding of the importance of complaint handling.
  2. Being able to handle complaints in a professional and customer-friendly way.
  3. Knowing how to turn a complaint into an opportunity.
  4. Knowing how to say no in a customer-friendly way.
  5. Knowing how to stop customers that keep talking but in a professional way.
  6. Being able to balance emotions and content.
  7. Knowing when to speak to a customer in person versus doing so in writing.
  8. Insight into complaints handling without stress. 


150  to 210 minutes

Target Group

Everybody that has contact with customers

Number of participants

5 to 14 participants
(suitable for events)


NL / FR / EN
(other languages on request)



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