Following business games are excellent games within the  Human Resources domain.


The Leadership Cup

The Leadership Cup is not some friendly, low-key board game. What it is: a hyper-dynamic, challenging game setting that will submerge you in the many aspects of leadership for 90 to 120 minutes.

Teams are allocated, captains are chosen, strategy is determined, roles are assigned. The material invites you to start working full speed ahead.

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Chip Factory

Chip Factory

Chip Factory is an interactive workshop in the form of a game.

This business game is designed to provide participants with insight into how they as supervisors affect the satisfaction of their employees, as well as the impact of their operational results. "Hard on targets, soft on people" is the central theme of this game.

The game takes place in the fictitious setting of Chip Factory: a company which produces poker chips and sells them to the casino industry.

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Kleur Je Klant

Colour your client

Colour your client is a game which provides insights into your communication style, your strengths and your pitfalls. The information you will acquire from this game will allow you to use your strong points even better and more consciously for your customers, team and organisation.

After playing this game, you, your colleagues and your customers will immediately feel the difference!

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