The Leadership Cup

The Leadership Cup is not some friendly, low-key board game. What it is: a hyper-dynamic, challenging game setting that will submerge you in the many aspects of leadership for 90 to 120 minutes.

Teams are allocated, captains are chosen, strategy is determined, roles are assigned. The material invites you to start working full speed ahead.

Various themes will be addressed playfully, such as: corrective feedback, the importance of listening, maintaining focus on the right employees, employee retention, do’s and don’ts, etc.

The participants will get a set of questions and active assignments related to leadership that they need to finish within a limited time. After each question or assignment, a joint moment of reflection and therefore learning will follow in which insights are shared, differences of opinion are discussed and conclusions are drawn.

After playing this game, all participants will have regained a clear perspective on the most important ins and outs of leadership!


Learning objectives of The Leadership Cup

  1. Knowledge and understanding of the key principles of leadership
  2. Evoking enthusiasm (energiser) regarding leadership
  3. Refresher course on the key aspects of good leadership

Application of The Leadership Cup

This game can be used as:

  • kick-off for a change process regarding customer orientation;
  • learning snack;
  • part of a training session or training course;
  • part of a team meeting;
  • as a team-building event with a message at an off-site location or company day.



90 to 120 minutes

Target Group

Immediate supervisors

Number of participants

6 to 20 participants
(can be extended for bigger events)


NL / FR / EN

(other languages available upon request)