The Sales Cup

4 tables, 4 teams. Scoreboard on the wall and the medals are ready to be presented. Are you ready for the kick-off of the Sales Cup? The principle is simple; a basic sales training ‘dressed up’ as a business game.

The Sales Cup is not a friendly, low-key board game, but a hyper-dynamic business game setting. Teams will be allocated, captains will be chosen, strategy will be determined, roles will be assigned. The material invites you to start working full speed ahead.

Various themes will be addressed playfully, such as: asking questions, handling counter-arguments, features/benefits, closing the deal, etc.

The participants will get a set of questions and active assignments related to sales that they need to finish within a limited time. After each question or assignment, a joint moment of reflection and therefore learning will follow: 

  • how did we reach this solution?
  • did we reach an agreement quickly?
  • why did we make each choice?
After this business game, you will definitively have a fresh, positive perspective on sales and will be completely ready for the next step. Game-based learning is perfect to learn a lot in short time.

Learning objectives of The Sales Cup

  1. Knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of sales
  2. Eliminating fears and initial inhibitions regarding sales
  3. Evoking enthusiasm and motivation regarding sales

Applications of The Sales Cup

This business game can be used as:

  • kick-off for a change process regarding sales
  • learning snack
  • part of a training session or training course
  • part of a team meeting
  • as a team-building event with a message, at an off-site location or company day


90 - 120 minuten

Target group

Service staff who need to evolve to a more commercial consultancy role.

More experienced sales staff (but then used as a fun refresher course).


Number of participants

6 to 20 participants
(can be extended for bigger events)


NL / FR / EN
(other languages available upon request)



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Business game Sales Cup, sales training op een spelende manier