Tactic Travel

Tactic Travel is a training in customer-oriented entrepreneurship in the form of a business game. The training is uniquely suited to have employees (and managers) experience the importance of customer orientation and customer satisfaction and use those insights to take action in your organisation. In this game simulation, the aim is to meet customer needs as well as achieving company objectives.

Important principles such as customer satisfaction, customer value, customer loyalty, customer retention and creating customer ambassadors are the central theme throughout the game.

De Service Trainer from ALTABENA on Vimeo.

Learning objectives of Tactic Travel

  • A clear vision will help the organisation to focus attention on what is important.
  • A clear strategy will help employees set priorities and make the right choices.  Exploring the customer’s needs and preferences will result in better service.
  • Being clearer in what the customer should expect and delivering on your promises will contribute to customer satisfaction.
  • Building a personal relationship with customers will result in useful customer information and the oh so important ‘granting factor’.
  • Giving feedback to each other will result in better performance by everyone.
  • Proactively looking for opportunities to increase customer satisfaction will result in customer ambassadors (promoters). Quickly and adequately solving complaints is important in satisfying customers.
  • Activating your customer ambassadors will contribute to landing new customers.
  • Customer satisfaction is as good as the weakest link, so it is important to get the internal processes in order.
  • Uncovering the proper customer information is the basis for optimising customer service.
  • Analysing customer information is important to acquire customer insight and identifying commercial opportunities. It is important to document customer information and share with each other - for instance in a CRM system - ensuring that each employee will have the same customer profile.
  • Use customer information to take the right action at the right time.
  • In order to provide optimal service to customers, it is important that all links in the customer chain properly cooperate with each other.
  • Each employee needs to have a solid understanding of their role and added value in the customer chain.
  • Proper KPI-based management is important in ensuring that employees will do all the right things.

Applications of Tactic Travel

Everyone from secretary to director can participate. The business game is suited to organisations selling to consumers (b2c) as well as in the business market (b2b), and also for government agencies, healthcare institutions and non-profit organisations.

Sorry, Customer! is eminently suitable as a training session to emphasise the importance of customer orientation or as part of a workshop which aims to put more focus on the customer.

Versions with more specific objectives:

Tactic Travel - The CRM version

Tactic Travel - The LEAN version


This serious game is often used as: a kick-off for a change programme, part of a training session or team-building training course with a message, at an off-site location or a company day.
Game-based learning is perfect to learn a lot in short time.


3-8 hours

Target group

anyone (from operational staff to board level)

Number of participants

8 to 14 people


NL / FR / EN
(other languages available upon request)



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